AM018: Venturi Mask


The Venturi mask mixes oxygen with room air, creating high-flow enriched oxygen of a settable concentration. It provides an accurate and constant FI,O2. Typical FI,O2 delivery settings are 24, 28, 31, 35 and 40{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} oxygen. The Venturi mask is often employed when the clinician has a concern about CO2 retention The masks, available both for adults both in the pediatric, are of two types: one with colored replaceable fixed percent and the one with the corrugated pipe and single regulator; both solutions provide oxygen concentrations variable, with a minimum value of 24{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} and a maximum of 50{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} (single regulator) or 60{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} (reducers colored).


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