DWC013: Lastodur Bandages


The high extensibility of approx. 170-180{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} makes Lastodur permanently elastic long-stretch bandages very versatile.
Use as a support and relief bandage in musculo-skeletal injuries, as a sports bandage. Lastodur straff/strong – For high compression with an elasticity of approx. 180 {9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb}. It is made of 85{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} cotton, 8{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} elastine and 7{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} polyamide.


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