Fiber Optic Laryngoscope



Laryngoscope blade Macintosh F.O. Maxxlite® Integral sizes 0-5

Macintosh F.O. Maxlite® Integral blade is available in six sizes. Made of stainless steel Macintosh blade is one of the lowest ones, which increases the field of view during intubation.

The Macintosh Maxlite® fiber optic laryngoscope has an enclosed fiber optic core. This feature ensures that the fiber optic bundle is tightly closed up in the blade,

with no gaps that usually accumulate impurities and body fluids. Such contami- nants can lead to cross-infection. It is worth emphasizing that the blade is cleanable without removing the handle.

The McIntosh Maxlite® laryngoscope with a 4.5mm diameter fiber optic strand provides high-quality illumination during intubation. Both ends of the fiber optic are polished to ensure high-light transmission. All blades are autoclavable and have been marked with the Green Standard. They are compatible with ISO 7376/3. The low profile guarantees the best visualization during intubation. At the platform, we offer a laryngoscope blade for left-handed users.

Technical features of Macintosh F.O MAXLITE® blade

• Enclosed german fiber optic core with a 4.5 mm diameter
• Up to 6500 fibers in the fiber optic core
• High-quality light transmission
• 6,000 lux with a 2.5V handle and 13,000 with 3.5V (xenon or halogen bulb) • No sharp edges, low profile of the curved blade
• Free maintenance
• Sterilization in autoclave up to 134 oC approximately 4000 times
• No adverse effect with ETO, steam autoclaving, soaking by Sparax or Cidex • The Macintosh blade is compliant with ISO 7376/3, CE certified

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