Modular Medical Waste Incinerator


The MP-300 is a mid-sized medical incinerator. Securely destroying a complete range of Medical, Pathological and Clinical waste. Designed and built along the latest advances in medical incineration.
Benefiting from Hot Hearth technology, efficiently recycling heath throughout and below the primary chamber, delivering complete 360° heating.
Unrivalled in it’s field boasting a 40% reduction in fuel consumption compared to alternative solutions. The MP-300 is ideally suited for facilities of between 400- 600 beds and equivalent.


Primary Chamber

  • Heavily insulated internal refractory lining. Constructed from high-grade refractory brick ensuring a secure self-supporting, interlocking arrangement.
  • Manually opening, securely locking, access door with viewing port.
  • Automatic temperature controlled on-off waste ignition burner complete with internal air fans.
  • Hot Hearth Combustion Burner, temperature controlled on-off, complete with internal air fans.
  • Secondary combustion burner air fans, automatically controlled distribution to their designated area.
  • Two temperature sensor mounting points.

    Secondary Chamber

  • Fully insulated internal refractory lining. Constructed from high grade refractory brick and low thermal mass insulation.
  • Secondary chamber burnout burner, temperature controlled on-off complete with internal air fans
  • Automatically controlled integrated combustion burner air fans.
  • Temperature sensor mounting point at the base of the exit flue ensuring the chamber reaches the necessary 1100°C minimum, with a 2 second retention time.

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