Moldable Splint


Surviveware Multi-Purpose, Reusable Splint for Fingers, Thumbs, Wrists and More, 36 Inches.



Manufactured with a thin core of aluminum and padded by an outer foam shell, the Surviveware splint is lighter and more flexible than other traditional splinting materials.


Stay supported by not having to remove the splint for x-rays – it is radiolucent and allows the x-ray beam to pass through it. The splint is lightweight but strong, water- proof, reusable, compact, latex-free, and easy to use.


Having clear instructions printed on the outside is a must for stressful situations. This makes our splint the perfect supplement to emergency first aid kits. This 36” x 4.4” rolled splint weighs next to nothing and is easy to store and transport.


The Surviveware splint can mold itself to whatever shape you need to stabilize an injury. Manipulate it by folding, molding, bending, and cutting (you only need regular scissors) to fit your desired size and to immobilize and protect injured bones, frac- tures, sprains, strains, and muscle stress.


Once the splint is unrolled, it is pliable and easy to shape. As soon as it is shaped into one of three curves, it becomes sturdy and extremely supportive of any injured part of the body, even a neck brace. In survival situations, you could even fashion it to work as a shovel. An ingenious multi-use medical kit must-have

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