Neonatal Incubator


Built-In Color TFT Touch Screen Display

Intensive care incubator is used with a 7 inch color TFT touch screen display. This feature allows easy monitoring and correct entry of operation commands to the incubator. Guiding explanations that pop-up over the screen and animations allow incubator to be used effectively in a short period of time.

Color TFT Touch Screen Side Display (Optional)

can be controlled and monitored over a 10.1 inch side display. The large side display allows user to see the intense data such as Masimo Rainbow SET pulse oximeter (SPO ) and non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP) more easily.

Temperature Mode

Clinicians can easily set desired temperature value by selecting air or skin mode on the touch screen – display. In the event that set values are out of range, the system generates an audible and a visual warning. In addition to this if air temperature increases too much, the system warns clinicians by an audible and a visual alarm and automatically shuts off the heater

Patented Servo Humidity System

Humidity conditions which has vital importance for newborn can be maintained quickly, effectively and reliably by patented humidity system. Use of hot steam technology and complete removal and auto- clavable of the humidity system increases hygiene and overall safety of the incubator.

Trend Observation

Clinicians can observe all air and skin temperatures, humidity and oxygen levels, the weight of the baby, and the heater power of the incubator over both displays for 2 hours, 8 hours, 1 day and 7 days period. It is possible to see 1 day and 7 days trends with 1 minute resolution on side display.

Servo Oxygen System (Optional)

Silent operation, which increases sound level of the incubator. Monitoring continuously against oxygen leakage, even though there are no set values.

Integrated Digital Scale (Optional)

Weighing scale was designed considering safety and comfort of the baby. Just lifting the baby inside the canopy for a few seconds is enough to tare, then system performs weighing operations when baby lowered. Operation stages can be guided by anima- tion from the screen with sound.

Electronic Height Adjustment (Optional)

Clinician can adjust the height of incubator by using “lift” and “lower” pedals for a comfortable working height. Lifting and lowering operations can be made silently without vibration and without disturbing baby by means of motor. This operation can be implemented by foot pedals from front and rear side of the incubator.

Pulse-Oximeter (Optional)

Uses the most advanced Masimo Rainbow SET SpO technology. The advantage of this set is that it is also possible to measure perfusion index (PI) and pleth variability index (PVI), total hemoglobin (SpHb) methemoglobin (SpMet) carboxyhemo- globin (SpCO) values without taking blood samples from the newborn (Non-Inva- sive). This way the clinicians can reach accurate data by the help of TendeVAV which is the first implementer of Masimo Rainbow SET Technology in an incuba- tor in the world.

NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement) (Optional)

Blood pressures and pulse values for baby can be measured with determined time intervals. Clinicians can determine set values and activate audible and visual alarms.

Mom’s Bosom Mode & Air Curtain

When baby should be taken out for breast feeding, skin temperature can be measured by selecting “Mom’s Bosom Mode”. Air Curtain can be activated in order to keep the hot air in the incubator.

Rotatable Drawers

Has one big and two small 360° rotatable drawers that can be accessed from front and right or left side of the incubator. This feature makes the drawers silent and accessible from sides of the incubator easily even the front and door is open.

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