RHINO RESCUE Compressed Gauze


RHINO RESCUE Compressed Gauze is a cotton sterile bandage for wound dressings. It is made of high-quality cotton, perfectly absorbs moisture and is hermetically sealed in a Z-shaped manner. Applica- tions include wound dressings, critical and normal bleeding.

This bandage can be used as a support gauze for hemostatic agents in combination with any compression dressing to control bleeding. Compressed Gauze can be used to stop bleeding in conjunction with a com- pression bandage, and as a backing for hemostatic bandages or for dressing small wounds.

Product Features

o Color – white
o Vacuum sealed package
o Sterile corrugated bandage
o Dimensions – 375 cm L x 11.5 cm W
o Suitable for the first pre-medical care
o Lifetime – 5 years from the production date
o Stops external bleeding of medium to high intensity
o Prevents the occurrence of shock as a result of massive blood loss
o Compact packaging makes the bandages fit in the IFAK or in a medicine pouch
o Repeatedly tested by the military in real combat conditions material – 100% Cotton

Product Benefits

RHINO RESCUE Compressed Gauze is used to control hemmorrhage in conjunction with a compression bandage, and also used as a backing gauze for hemostatic dressings or for minor wound bandaging. It’s an essential trauma dressing in first aid kit.

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