Sager Emergency Traction Splint


The Sager Emergency Traction Splint is the only traction splint available on the world market today that continuously shows the exact amount of traction being applied. The quantifiable, multi-patented device fits patients from four years old to a large adult. The rapid one person application does not extend beyond the feet of an adult. Both unilateral and bilateral models are available and include straps and case.

The Sager Bilateral Splint treats either single or bilateral lower limb fractures for both adults and children from the 5th to 99th percentile. This splint has an articulating base that hinges to apply counter traction more directly on the ischial tuberosity.

Sager splints are anatomically and medically engineered to provide the first responder with a single, fast, easy, fail-safe and compact traction device. Sager Bilat-

eral Splints are the only emergency traction splints with quantifiable dynamic trac- tion which ensures the correct amount of safe, secure traction that is able to decrease as the spasm releases.

This patented system allows you to accurately document how much traction has been applied. Sager emergency traction splints conveniently stay within the adult body’s silhouette making it ideal for emergency transfers and transportation.

Sager splints are indicated for treatment in proximal third and mid-shaft femoral fractures offering a much broader range of application and use than other traction devices.


  • Quantifiable Dynamic Traction
  • Reduces further trauma and pain
  • Promotes rapid recovery with fewer complications
  • Fits adult or child
  • Treats unilateral or bilateral fractures
  • Applied in any patient position
  • Straight in-line traction
  • Does not extend beyond the feet of an adult. If the patient fits – the Sager fits!
  • Rapid one person application – frees other attendants for other patients or procedures
  • Compact and lightweight – fits inside most backpacks
  • No risk of overtraction and its detrimental’ effects to epiphyseal growth centers, knee edema, and excessive distraction of bone ends
  • Stainless steel construction, years of use – practically indestructible
  • Optimal patient comfort
  • All Sager Splints come complete with all accessories required for use, including the Sager Carrying Case.

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