SI025: Sam Pelvic Sling


The Sam Sling is built for quick, easy use under less-than-perfect conditions. Used and recommended by leading Australian emergency departments and ambulance services, the SAM Pelvic Sling is the first and only force controlled circumferential pelvic belt designed to provide safe, effective reduction and stabilisation of open book pelvic fractures. The SAM Sling was developed over three years of rigorous laboratory and clinical studies. Reports from numerous scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed medical journals have documented that it effectively reduces and stabilises unstable pelvic fractures. The features and benefits of the SAM Sling reflect the recommendations of trauma surgeons and emergency healthcare professionals.

Key Features
• Cannot be over tightened as the patented autostop buckle ensures the force applied is safe and correct each and every time
• The standard size sling fi ts 95{9a5530caa602dc967433888b549659f59eb2ade840f2c151b5ad8d7bab13f0eb} of the population
• Available in military OD green in standard size
• Easily applied by a single emergency responder
• Contoured design allows urinary catheterisation and access to the abdomen and femoral vessels
• Can be used in MRI scanners as long as the Sam Sling is not removed in the MRI room

Product Specifications

Extra Small 71- 114 cm

Standard & Military 84-127 cm

Extra Large 91- 150 cm


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